100+ years of experience under furry four-legged teachers

As a pet services provider, ANVIS has done it all - Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Pet Boarding, Dog Training, Pet Grooming & International Pet Relocation.

Some of us ventured into the medical side, some in the dog breeding, training & dog-show space and others in the animal rescue & rehabilitation area . We have all made a name in our respective fields and have always had one common trait - We NEVER stopped learning.

We were and continue to bounce thoughts of each other continuously and question theories and techniques and workings relating to pets at every given opportunity!


To shorten the learning curve & to pay forward our training

We have always believed that if one has to learn French, a native French speaking person is the best - not a German or a Belgian who also happens to know French :)

Our Courses & Certifications are in some sense a result of the vast experiences that we have all had because of the enormous exposure to so many animals, the pet services & the knowledge sharing over these years.

Given this, in April 2020, we decided to formally launch our Courses. Our teachers have and will continue to be all the pets that cross our paths everyday and we are more than happy to share our learnings with you :)