Pet Boarder Certification Course

Share your home with a Pet. Explore freelance opportunities in the Pet Industry.

Who is the Pet Boarding Certification Course for?

The Pet Boarding Certification course is for Pet Lovers who want to board dogs, cats or other smaller companion pets in their homes as a freelance/ part time gig or even full time career.

Below are a few Pet lover profiles who are successfully boarding pets. If you see a similarity with one or more, you should sign up now!

Social Pet Parent 
You are a Pet Parent to a friendly doggie or kitty and want her/him to meet, socialise & have sleepovers with other friendly doggie's or kitty's every so often.

Ex-Pet Parent with constraints on full time pet parenting
You have had one or many pets and love them to bits but can't commit to a full time responsibility, yet would love to pamper and take care of somebody else's pet for a few hours to maybe a few days.

Corporate slave exploring new careers
You are passionate about pets and thinking about quitting your job to get into the pet industry full time, but also want to test waters prior taking the big jump.

You have always wanted to be a Pet-Entrepreneur but family and other responsibilities had kept you busy, but now you have the space and time to care for pets full time.

Animal Rescuer
You are an animal rescuer constantly trying to raise funds to support your cause.

However, if you are looking at this as a pure business venture and don't connect with pets or pet parents, sorry, this course is NOT for you!

What will I learn in the Pet Boarder Certification course?

The Pet Boarding Certification course trains you to understand all the nuances involved in boarding and safely caring for a dog, cat or even smaller companion animals in your care.  In this course, you are familiarised with everything that is required to be a Pet boarding professional and every aspect is covered adequately in three phases.

Phase 1 (10 Hours) - Pre Recorded online Video course. This can be accessed as soon as you register.
Right from understanding the basics of Dog and Cat Behaviour to Body Language, Communication & First Aid., these video modules will cover all the basics in a simple and easy to understand format. The compete course curriculum can be found below.

Phase 2 (6-8 hours) - Hands-On Workshop in a pet friendly location.
This is a fun and informative hands-on workshop where you will interact with our trainers and get any doubts on the online video course cleared.
You will also have the opportunity to see live demos of walking techniques and can practice them under the watchful eyes of our trainers.
You will also get to network with other pet lovers and can have long discussions on your favourite topic - Dogs, Cats and other pets!
Traditionally, we conduct these workshops once a month in quaint, scenic, pet friendly locations to make this a relaxing and enjoyable learning experience. Yes! Your pets are invited too!

Phase 3 (10 hours) - On-Job Training (OJT)
Our trainers will share best practices and watch over you while you board pets and constantly give you feedbacks on the Do's and Don'ts of pet boarding.
We will also share specific agreements, formats , trackers that have been used by Anvis pet boarders to set you up for success.

What opportunities can I expect post completion of the course?

On successful completion of phase 1 & 2, you will be on-boarded on to our pet services marketplace Anvis Inc.  where you can start offering services as a trainee.

Pet Parents seeking boarding services will connect with you through the marketplace.

The choice to be available and/or take up requests is purely at your discretion.  

Once you complete the mandated 10 hours of OJT from phase 3 with excellent pet parent reviews, you will be awarded the certificate of an 'Anvis Pet Buddy' and your profile on our platform will be marked as 'Certified'.

Did you Know?

Anvis Pet Buddies earn anywhere between Rs.30,000 to Rs.60,000 for hosting just one doggie a day everyday for a month!

Our marketplace Anvis Inc. generates approx 2,000 service request leads every month with over 60% through Google search and over 35% through word of mouth !

Our academy ALPHA has trained over 300+ Pet Buddies till date.

Anvis marketplace is a zero-commission platform for our Pet Buddies to be listed for the first whole year!

We offer special discounts for Anvis Pet Buddies and Anvis clients taking up courses!

 Group discounts are also available for certain courses!

Anvis Inc. is the only company in India offering courses with the experience of having successfully provided all these pet services (Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Pet Boarding, Dog Training, Pet Relocation etc.) in house since 2010!


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    Share your home with a Pet. Explore freelance opportunities in the Pet Industry.

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