Pet Boarder Certification Course

Learn the nuances of boarding pets safely from experts. Get matched with the clingiest, entertaining house guests you could ask for!


The pet boarder certification course  by Anvis learning & Pet Handling Academy (A.L.P.H.A) is uniquely designed is for Pet Lovers who want to board dogs, cats or other smaller companion pets in their homes as a freelance/ part time gig or even full time career.

Social Pet PARENTs

You are a Pet Parent to a friendly doggie or kitty and want her/him to meet, socialise & have sleepovers with other friendly doggie's or kitty's every so often.
Not only will your pet have a lot of friends, your (pet) social circle is going to explode!

working professionals

You would love to have a pet but your schedules are unpredictable. Somedays its WFH and others days in office. What better way to overcome this than take care of furry friends while working from home and enjoy their company instead? A win-win, right? 

Former pet parents

You have had one or many pets and love them to bits but can't commit to a full time responsibility. Yet, you would love to pamper and take care of somebody else's pet for a few hours to maybe a few days at your convienience. 


You have always wanted to be a Pet-Entrepreneur but family and other responsibilities had kept you busy, but now you have the space and time to care for pets full time.

Animal Rescuers

Being an animal rescuer is tough.  You are constantly trying to raise funds to support your cause. However funds are hard to come by many times. This course will enable you to build a strong financial pipeline by doing what you are naturally good at. Caring for animals. 

Pet lovers Exploring new careers

You are passionate about pets and thinking about quitting your job to get into the pet industry full time, but also want to test waters prior taking the big jump. This is the best test bed you can ask for!

What will I learn in the Pet BOARDER Certification course?

The Pet Boarder Certification course by A.L.P.H.A trains you to understand all the nuances involved in safely caring for a dog, cat or even smaller companion animals in your care.  In this course, you are familiarised with everything that is required to be a Pet Boarding professional and every aspect is covered adequately in three phases.

Phase 1 (10 Hours) - Pre Recorded online Video course 

This self paced online learning module can be accessed as soon as you register.
These video modules covers all the basics in a simple and easy to understand format. 

Phase 2 (6-8 hours) - Hands-On Workshop in a pet friendly location.

 Get to meet your faculty in this fun and informative hands-on workshop and get all your doubts cleared.
Network with other pet lovers & benefit from knowledge sharing.

Phase 3 (10 hours) - On-Job Training (OJT)

We will share customer agreements, formats , trackers & best practices to set you up for success.
Your trainer will shadow you while board pets and share feedbacks to improve.


Once you complete the mandated OJT from phase 3 with excellent pet parent reviews, you will be awarded the certificate of a 'Pet Buddy' and your profile upgraded to 'Certified'.

What opportunities can I expect post completion of the course?

Host of opportunities for a quality pet boarder in India!

Onboarded on Anvis Inc Pet Services Marketplace

On successful completion of phase 1 & 2, you will be on-boarded on to our pet services marketplace Anvis Inc. where you can start offering services as a trainee.

Connect with Pet Parents seeking pet services

Pet Parents seeking pet boarding services will connect with you directly through the Anvis marketplace.


You have complete freedom & flexibility to be available and/or provide pet boarding services at your discretion.
You can choose the days and times that you are available 

High earning potential

Pet Buddies earn anywhere between Rs.30,000 to Rs.60,000 a month for boarding just one pet everyday for the month!

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What are the added benefits  of the Pet Boarding course?

Many more benefits of signing up for A.L.P.H.A's Pet Boarding Course

Learn from the best in the business

Our faculties are internationally trained, subject matter experts in specific pet-domain having a track record of setting up and running successful pet businesses!


Anvis Inc. market place does NOT charge any commission for listing pet buddies connect with pet parents looking for pet services. 

Career Mentorship

No matter if you are doing this as a gig or a full time, our mentors are ready to help you set up and run your pet business with focus on quality and top notch customer service!

Why Pet Buddies choose A.L.P.H.A

It was really good workshop and great learning for me.. thanks team Anvis :)

Sonam Gupta

Pet Buddy - Batch 25

Thank you Anvis team. We have definately changed our perception on how to deal with our pet. Learnt a lot from the training program. Thank you


Pet Buddy - Batch 20

Thank you Anvis Team. It was a great workshop!

Suvigya Rathore

Pet Buddy - Batch 19

Course Curriculum



Rs.5,199/ mo with EMI*

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