Frequently Asked Questions

Anvis has earned a prominent name in the pet services space as a company that does not compromise on quality of their work and a certification from its educational arm ALPHA will stand as a proof of this quality. We expect every certified pet professional to adhere to the top quality of services for which the certifications will provide the best foundation. 

Anvis will be glad to present the certified professional on the website. Anvis generates thousands of leads each year and for a person entering this pet space, it offers a great platform to launch one's business. Of course, our experts will be happy to help as and when possible to help grow your business.

Thanks for choosing ALPHA! You will need to check if the course has been listed in your Course list, if not, please send us an email

You've made a great choice to teach your kids about a whole new world! If you'd like to customize for class strengths of more than 20 students, then please reach out to us here. For smaller batches, we cannot tweak the curriculum, sorry!

Your dog will love you for trying! We do have many self paced videos for pet parents like you, but for behaviour modification consultations or dog training, please reach out to us on Anvis.

Thanks for your interest. We cannot host your business until we have conducted a quality check of your services & sought customer feedback from your latest clients. Please reach out to us here for more details.